Artist Statement/Specialties

Common to all of my work is an underlying theme of exploration and celebration of the transcendent–the profundity that exists all around as well as within us everyday. I consider it my job as a photographer to reflect moments of simple grace and hold them up for others to see.

I strive to reflect this focus in my portraiture. I look to capture both the everyday and milestone events of life as art. In other words, I specialize in fine art documentary of the personal events of private people.

My areas of specialty include:

  • Individual and Family Portraits (Pregnancy/Newborns/Children, Couples, and “Pets with Their People”),
  • Commitment Ceremonies/Non-conventional Weddings
  • Birthday Parties and other Small Events, as well as
  • Candid Photography of what I call “A Day In The Life.”

My personal work largely focuses on honoring the most basic elemental forms of nature–Earth/Rock, Water, Fire, Wind/Air, & most significantly the play of Light. I also specialize in Botanical Art, as well as Landscapes, Gardens, Animals, Yoga & Ritual, Family Farms, & Classic Cars.