Zen & The Art of Seeing
Part I
A Kind & Gentle Introduction to Creative Photography


This class is for all of those who have been wanting to make the leap out of Auto mode on their Camera and take the next step with their Photography. In this Comprehensive “How To” Class, you will be patiently guided into the world of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and the Basics of Composition & Design. There will be much inspiration shared and ample time to venture forth into the field to put your new skills into practice – together. You can do this!

Zen & The Art of Seeing
Part II
Photography As Meditation


If you are interested in learning to use your Camera to expand your relationship with Nature, be inspired, and help you to cultivate Inner Peace this workshop is for you!

Have you ever looked at the veins in the petal of a flower? Noticed the beauty of the reflections of tree branches on a stream behind a parking lot? Seen how extraordinary the dance of Light of snowmelt can be as it flows down a local street? How many colors can you name that you’ve seen glistening like sparks on the snow in your own backyard? When we slow down and look, really Look, we are gifted with “New Eyes” with which to experience the Beauty of Nature at a level that most people never take the time to notice.

Using the Camera as a Meditative tool we expand our Connection to the Natural world and hence, the Divine. The process itself is largely the Purpose. The images you create become a bonus and an inspirational reminder of the value of slowing down to See.

This Course is suitable for all levels of Photography experience and consists of both Theory, Guided Meditation, and Practice in the Field. Participants must have a working knowledge of their own Camera. (Digital SLR, Point & Shoot, SmartPhone, & Film Cameras are all acceptable for this Workshop.) If you are new to Photography it is recommended (but not required) that you attend “Zen & The Art of Seeing Part I: A Kind & Gentle Introduction to Creative Photography” before you take this Class.

In addition to their Camera participants should also bring a portable chair or matt to sit on outside, a hat and/or sunscreen and a water bottle for the Field. Young Adults over the age of 16 with a serious interest in Photography are welcome with parental permission. Participants must also arrange their own transportation to the Field-work site. This Class is subject to the weather & will be rescheduled as necessary.

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Private Coaching Sessions Also Available! 
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The Following Are Comments from Past Participants of the “Zen & The Art of Seeing” Workshops:

 “After participating in Elisabeth’s course titled “Zen & the Art of Seeing” (Photography As Meditation), I was so overwhelmed and emotional. Experiencing her guided meditation approach to photography, I saw things I never would have noticed. It was like looking through different eyes. Elisabeth’s passion is contagious and her teaching style provokes imagination and utter appreciation. In just one class she transformed this point and shoot “Coolpix” novice into a confident photography enthusiast. I now notice beauty everywhere and focus deeper into the details and am forever grateful.” – Audra M

“I want to let you know that I truly enjoyed the course and have broadened both my Photography and Zen skills. I am shooting almost daily now, thanks to you. I feel so much more in the now. The Series was Life Changing. Namaste.” – Kimberly Moffett 

“I loved the Class. Very informative and well organized. You have inspired me! Thanks again.” – Kathy Bernfeld

 “I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar. I thought it was the perfect introductory program…about “seeing” in a new way, rather than just about photography. Thank you for sharing your photos, your poems, your meditation, and your knowledge. This was my first class at Mercy (by the Sea.) Thank you for making it memorable. I will look forward to others in the future… especially yours.” – Pamela Sharkey

“You know, I have always appreciated the beauty in the smallest corners of our natural world, and your class helped me to be open to ‘seeing’ beauty with even greater clarity. Thanks for that.” – Ron Pacacha

 Meditation formally became a part of my life over 15 years ago. My relationship and practice fluctuate, at times I even “fall off the meditation wagon” and become stuck, ungrounded in ineffective energies. I have been a seeker in Nature all my life spending hours enveloped in her surroundings reflecting, communing, witnessing, balancing, and yes, meditating. It is my ‘soul-place’. Photography came into my life only a few months ago. With the digital ability to delete easily I snapped away, eager to discover the art. Technically my skills would grow but my images, I thought, did not reflect what I was seeing. Ah, but they were. The depth I was seeking was not there because I was not present to the moment. I was so in my head with technical thoughts, far away from my heart, no space for my soul to enter.

Elisabeth’s teachings awakened the awareness of my camera as a tool for meditation.  A “tool” to slow down, connect with beginner’s eyes, and widen my journey into a more expansive, richer relationship with Nature, become conscious and part of what I am experiencing, feeling, and truly seeing. My connection to Nature has rebirthed and expanded allowing a deepening of self-awareness. Pablo Picasso is quoted, “Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.” A quieting of mind through expansion of senses truly grants me the ability to create inner peace in being with whatever unfolds. Becoming one with the journey my camera and I travel along has become seeded and inspired through Elisabeth’s work. I am forever grateful.” – Jeannine Smith

 “I feel that you are a skilled, competent photographer. Your inspiration and guidance had a positive affect on the class. And you married the craft and techniques of photography with the ideas of meditation and personal intentions very well.  By your inspiration I have been energized to do more “serious” work.” – Thomas Patsenka

 “I loved both days (Part I & II).” – Alisa Andrew

 “It was great! Thank you.” – Whitney Hoffman

 “It was wonderful. I think you will be very successful.” – Cathy Callanan

“You are on a good path.” – Bob Baylis

 “I enjoyed Saturday’s Workshop.” – Judy Lacker

 “THANK YOU for all your work and teachings Liz. This has been an eye opening workshop for me and I have learned so much that’s I didn’t even know about.  Firstly about how to use my camera, but mainly about what to look for and how to think about a good picture!  I’m excited to start taking better pictures and have noticed an improvement already.” – Marion Lamot (One day after completing the Series.)

“The Class Series was inspiring and it renewed my interest in taking photos with my camera instead of my cell phone. The instructor was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I now look at things with more of a photographer’s eye and find beauty and things of interest everywhere.” – Laura Joseph

“Your Class was the BEST! You have done a yeoman’s work and a very wisely devised Workshop & Show. (“Zen & The Art of Seeing: Student Work, Bethel Public Library, July 15-August 29, 2107.) So many really intuitive examinations of the visual world. Teacher, take a bow!”  – Mimsy (Ival) Kovner